​​​​​​​The Kaleidoscope Journal of Art and Literature is a Spoon River College student publication featuring short stories, poems, essays, song lyrics, photography and fine art. It is published each spring and distributed throughout the SRC district.

Kaleidoscope History: In 1983 under the direction of communication instructor Bob Gorg, Student Editor Jerry Swank, and incoming editor David Pires, the Spoon River College Student Senate sponsored a literary publication under the title Collegiate. This first publication was to be a semester project, taking place each semester under new student leadership. After the second year, this changed to a yearly publication.

The Collegiate was filled with stories, poetry, essays and public commentary in the first year but, beginning in the second year, included pen and ink sketches. It was originally an in-house publication, but is now sent out for professional printing and binding. It initially had a strictly literary focus, then added visual arts and became the Kaleidoscope in 1996 with a nearly endless range of formats, appearances, sizes, bindings, and general orientations.

What remains the same: the Kaleidoscope is a st​udent-run publication. Advisors guide the student editing staff in decision-making, but the students run the magazine. The Kaleidoscope editor has the final word on all design decisions, with input from an assistant editor and the advisors. The Kaleidoscope, now the Kaleidoscope Journal of Art and Literature, continues its mission to publish fine works of literature and visual arts by students, faculty, employees and friends of Spoon River College. The Kaleidoscope is distributed each spring on the day of the popular “Coffee Spoon” event, an annual celebration of the arts that was born as a Kaleidoscope spin off.​​​

Kaleidoscope 2022

Kaleidoscope is a literary arts journal that includes student-submitted fiction, poetry, art, and photography.  If you would like to submit some of your work in this year's issue of Kaleidoscope, please submit using the links under Resources, or email faculty advisor Laura Bandy with any questions you may have.
Submissions will be accepted until March 22, 2022.


Submission guidelines:

  • Any piece of art or short literature (short story, poem, song lyrics) may be submitted.
  • Each student may submit up to fifteen (15) pieces.
  • We will put the call out for 2022 submissions of student creative work in January, 2022. 

To submit a piece, click the link https://goo.gl/forms/iCCEu8su50GpZuN33 and follow the directions.

To submit an application for an Assistant Editor position, click the link https://goo.gl/forms/urFSF4yuIMQkgWqm1 and follow the directions.

 Faculty Advisor

​​Canton and Macomb Campus:
Laura Bandy
English Instructor