HEAL Student Association

HEAL (Healthcare Enthusiasts And Leaders) Student Association

Spoon River College and SIU School of Medicine have partnered to create an association for students to network and advance professionally.  This student association is open to all students who are enrolled at SRC and are pursuing any certificate or degree in a health-related field.  This association will be designed to create a network among students and local healthcare professionals and to provide advancement opportunities in health related fields of interest.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this association is to prepare, support and motivate students to pursue further education and further opportunities towards a career in the healthcare field. The association will participate in Campus-led and Community-led service learning opportunities and volunteer opportunities, educational seminars and workshops, field trips and presentations from healthcare professionals.


- Health Professional Shadowing opportunities with local health professionals

- Seminars and Panel Presentations focusing on admissions criteria, test preparation, internships and more

- Service-Learning Opportunities to gain leadership skills and give back to the community

- Networking with professional students, admissions officers, school administrators, human resources personnel, and influential health professionals

- Workshops and Field Trips to healthcare facilities that will build self-esteem, and empower and motivate students on how to prepare themselves to meet the challenges of the health workforce

- Academic Counseling and Career Advising from professional staff

HEAL Group

Faculty Advisor

Melissa Miller
Allied Health Coordinator

Upcoming Events

HEAL (Healthcare Enthusiasts And Leaders) Student Association meeting, 3:00 PM. Attend from Canton Campus (E102C) or Macomb Campus (M114). Open to any and all SRC students interested in a career in the healthcare field. Laura Hepp-Kessel, Director of Telehealth Services, SIU School of Medicine, will discuss telehealth services, how they have impacted healthcare, and how they affect healthcare professionals.