Welcome! These guides are designed by your librarian to help you do research and find useful resources.

Starting Point for Research

Library Tutorial - This guide will help you develop your information literacy skills.

The Research Process - Steps to guide you with writing a research paper or project.

Searching Databases - Searching scholarly databases can be confusing at first, this guide will instruct you through the process of learning a new skill.

Dependable Resources - This guide discusses the differences between library databases and the internet.

Choosing and Citing Your Sources - An overview of MLA and APA style citations with examples.

Visible Body Anatomy & Physiology - This guide teaches you how to use this interactive 3D visualization and learning tool for A & P.

Searching the Library Catalog - Along with help on searching the catalog, this guide discusses how to place Holds on library items.

Requesting an Interlibrary Loan - Directions on how to find and request resources from another library.

Library Terms - Using the library involves not only learning how to use its resources but also learning new vocabulary.

Be Your Own Fact Checker - Information on fact checking websites.

Subject Guides

Health Sciences / Nursing Guide - Find resources tailored to the health sciences in this guide.

Subject Guides - Get research recommendations of resources for your specific subject area in this guide.

Career Guides

Career and Résumé Guide - Resources for career exploration with résumé writing information.

Health Career Guide - Resources for students interested in the health career field.

General Guides

Plagiarism 101  - This guide discusses the basics of plagiarism. 

Copyright & Public Domain - This guide is a basic discussion about copyright, public domain, and how to find free materials, i.e. videos, images, music, for your projects.

Download Axis 360 Desktop Reader on a Windows PC for eBooks - For eBooks from the SRC catalog.

Google Drive and Hangouts - Directions on how to use Google Hangouts as a communication tool.