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Early Alert System

The goal of the Learning Resource Center​ (LRC) is to improve the quality, consistency, and availability of academic support services to students. As part of this initiative, faculty complete student referrals to help students get the services they need and promote retention.

When should I complete a student referral?

SRC faculty are encouraged to reach out to students (when possible) prior to submitting an Early Alert Referral. In cases when the student doesn’t respond or needs additional support, a referral should be submitted. Below is a list of situations which all constitute a need for a referral submission.

  • Labeled "inactive" – New students who haven't completed the mandatory new Student Orientation course in Canvas will be "inactive" in the People tab.
  • Not participating - When class participation is required and the student is not engaging.
  • Not attending class – If a student has missed 2 consecutive class periods or doesn't have frequent online activity.
  • Excessive tardiness – When a student has been consistently late or leaving early.
  • Not completing assignments and homework – After 2 missed/late assignments.
  • Difficulty with coursework - When a student isn't earning a C or better.
  • Low test/quiz scores – After the first quiz/test and the student scored below a C.
  • Appears to lack motivation – Student doesn’t appear to be giving their best effort.
  • Other/personal – When a student is struggling with any issue that is preventing them from being successful in the classroom.

Can I refer any student?

Yes, all students should be referred if they have a need that is preventing them from being successful in the classroom.  Please keep in mind that students participating in the TRIO program should be referred to TRIO support staff by choosing the “TRIO SSS Student Referral”. This link provides a filtered view of an instructor's roster by showing only TRIO students. 

What should I expect after a referral has been submitted?

Once a student has been referred, a student success coach (SSC) will attempt to contact that student. When the first attempt is made, you will receive an automatically generated email letting you know how the SSC attempted to reach out to the student. If no contact is made, the SSC will continue reaching out. We will attempt to contact by phone, email, Canvas, and as a last resort, a letter to their address on file. Once contact is made, you will receive another email letting you know the plan of action.

How do I create a student referral?

The referral form should be completed online by logging into TracCloud. This link can be found on Student, Faculty, and Staff Portal page or inside any course in Canvas on the left hand menu. Instructions for creating a student referral can be found in the Faculty Support Site in Canvas.

Test Proctoring Services

The LRC provides testing accommodations for students who missed an exam, are taking an online exam or have special needs​ for testing. Faculty can direct these requests to LRC staff by completing the LRC Testing Form. Students are required to schedule an appointment 48 hours in advance with LRC staff on either the Macomb or Canton Campus.

Class Visits

Student Success Coaches and the Library Services Coordinator are available to visit, both in person and virtually, classrooms to promote the wide range of services available to students. Staff members can present on topics such as: navigating the library website, getting familiar with Canvas, effective study strategies, important beginning of the semester information/tips, and more!

Breakout EDU Boxes

SRC offers 7 Breakout EDU boxes for Instructors to reserve for use in the classroom. Visit breakoutedu.com to learn more about how you could use this engaging tool or contact an LRC Staff member to make a reservation. 

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Faculty Resources​

Jeannette Glover
(309) 649-6603

LRC Assistant:
Kaley Barbknecht
(309) 649-6309

Student Success Coach (Macomb/Rushville):
Alex Kellerman
(309) 833-6048

Student Success Coach  (Canton/Havana):
Andrea White
(309) 649-6225