Student Handbook

Student Notification Requirements

​Spoon River College has a number of policies, procedures, and programs in place to assist students in accessing student services, and to keep them on track for graduation, employment, and/or transfer.

An alternative version of the Spoon River College Student Handbook can be secured by contacting the Dean of Student Services Missy Wilkinson at or (309)649-6329.

​Campus Security and Crime Report

The Spoon River College Campus Security and Crime Report is updated on an annual basis and provided free as a service to our students and parents of students. This report contains detailed information covering a broad range of topics, including campus safety and security services, crime prevention policies, campus crime statistics, and emergency response actions.

2017 Campus Security and Crime Report​. Paper copies of this report are available in the Dean of Student Services' office, room C131 on the Canton Campus.

    Policy Highlights:
  • Campus Security and Crime Report (pages 122-123)
  • College Costs (pages 3-5)
  • Data Privacy Policy (pages 15-26)
  • Drug and Alcohol Policies, Criminal Penalties, and Health Risks and Treatment (pages 131-136)
  • Financial Aid Programs, Loan Repayment, and Loss of Aid Due to Drug Offenses (pages 109-120)
  • Harassment Policy (pages 57-60)
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (pages 82-93)
  • Sexual Assault Prevention (pages 129-131)
  • Sex Offender Notification (page 131)
  • Student Code of Conduct (pages 28-56)
  • Student Information Disclosure Reports (pages 60)
  • Timely Warning and Emergency Notification (pages 123-125)
  • College Transfer Programs and Services (pages 98-100)
  • Voter Registration (page 66)
  • Spoon River College Profile