To become eligible for an Associate Degree or Certificate from Spoon River College all students must fulfill the General Education Competencies​​ and the requirements listed in the details below.

  • Student must submit an Application for Degree or Certificate (for either Associate Degree or Certificate), which is also available from Student Services or from an advisor.
  • Application deadline for Fall Semester graduation is October 1st
  • Application deadline for Spring Semester graduation is February 1st
  • Application deadline for Summer Session graduation is July 1st
  • Student is required to meet with an advisor to complete a degree audit. The degree audit must be attached to the Application for Degree or Certificate and must have the advisor’s signature.
  • Student must meet the residency requirements with a minimum of 15 credit hours completed at Spoon River College. One-third of the total credit hours completed must be “in residence” for all other programs and certificates.
  • Student must complete at least 60 credit hours in a planned degree program of study or the specific requirements of a certificate program.
  • Student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  • Student must fulfill all financial obligations to the college.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the graduation ceremony. Students completing work in December and July are invited to participate in the May graduation ceremony. Students participating in graduation in May will be assessed a fee for the purchase of their cap and gown.

Student must meet the degree or certificate requirements as outlined in the instructional program of the catalog year in effect at the time of the student's initial enrollment in the college. The Dean of Student Services may waive the catalog year requirement. Student must submit written requests for such consideration in addition to the Application for Degree or Certificate.​​​


Spoon River College offers a commencement ceremony at the end of each spring semester. Students are invited to participate in the ceremony regardless of which semester during the academic year that they complete their certificate or degree requirements. The commencement ceremony is an opportunity for students to celebrate their accomplishment with friends and family members.

To participate in the ceremony, students must have completed the Application for Degree or Certificate and marked "Yes" for ceremony participation. There is a $25 cap & gown fee that is due when the application is submitted. Additional fees may be charged for applications submitted after the posted deadlines.

2021 Ceremony Information

Spoon River College is making plans to present a virtual ceremony for Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 graduates. Additionally, the college will survey graduating students to gauge interest in a walk-through ceremony involving a photo on stage, family members present, and many of the traditional elements of a Spoon River College commencement. The walk-through ceremony would be scheduled during the week of May 10th and would be offered in a way to ensure graduates are divided into different time frames, eliminating large numbers of people gathering in one room together.

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