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An application is required for entry into the TRIO program.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  Application does not guarantee entry to the program but is based upon eligibility and availability of openings in the program.  To complete an application, please complete the online application below.  Questions?  Stop by the TRIO office on the Canton campus in C131 or the Macomb campus in room 214, or call (309)833-6030.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joining TRIO:

Can anyone join the program?

  • Students must be either first-generation, income-eligible and/or have a disability on file with the college.  You must complete a TRIO application, meet the required eligibility criteria, and complete an intake interview for consideration of entry to the program.

What is the intake appointment like?

  • During your intake interview, you will meet with both our Director and Advisor.  They will go over your academic background (high school equivalency, high school diploma and/or any completed college credits), along with your goals, study habits, transfer plans and what program services are of interest to you. 

What is the time commitment if I join the TRIO program?

  • We expect our students to have frequent contact with the program.  However, our students are often commuting, hold jobs and some, have families.  We have adapted our program to meet the needs of a busy schedule and have many of our services available online, through Canvas and staff are available for appointments by phone.  Students are able to pick and choose the services that meet their needs, but, learn more about expectations of the program at their TRIO Orientation session.

Is the program really free?

  • Yes! There is no cost to the student.  We are funded by a federal grant through the Department of Education.  Our funding in the 2020-25 grant cycle is $261,888 annually.

TRIO-SSS Application Form:

Select a date from the calendar.


What is the highest level of education achieved by your parent or guardian? If your parents are/were divorced and you resided with them until you were 18, reply only in regards to the parent who had primary custody:

The above information is true and complete, to my knowledge. I understand it is confidential and will be used for intake purposes. Further, I release the following information to TRIO-Student Support Services to verify eligibility, determine appropriate services, and to track academic progress: mid-term and final grades, transcripts/registration information, financial aid information, standardized test scores (ACT/SAT/COMPASS/ACCUPLACER, etc.), income information, transfer information, and contact instructors/advisors. Providing my cell phone number enrolls me in the texting program that I can opt out of at any time, TRIO nor SRC are responsible for any texting charges. I understand completion of application does not guarantee acceptance to the SRC TRIO-SSS program. I understand the TRIO Director reserves the right to admit or deny any student’s acceptance to the SRC TRIO-SSS program. Students are accepted into the program on a first come, first serve basis and is based on eligibility criteria outlined by the Department of Education that provides grant funding for the program.
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