Community Outreach Registration Information:

We have 4 EASY ways to register for Community Outreach classes and programs:

  1. Online
    Visit our registration page:

  2. By Mail or Stop by any SRC Center

    Spoon River College
    23235 N. Co Hwy 22
    Canton, IL 61520

    Spoon River College
    Community Outreach Center
    2500 East Jackson
    PO Box 348
    Macomb, IL 61455

    Spoon River College
    Havana Center
    324 E. Randolph
    Havana, IL 62644

    Spoon River College
    Rushville Center
    706 Maple Avenue
    Rushville, IL 62681

  3. Telephone
    Canton: (309) 649-6260
    Macomb: (309) 833-6031
    Havana: (309) 543-4413
    Rushville: (217) 322-6060

  4. Fax
    Canton: (309) 649-6465
    Macomb: (309) 833-2035
    Havana: (309) 543-4556
    Rushville: (217) 322-6726

Payment is required at the time of registration. Acceptable methods for payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check or cash.

Participants needing to cancel community education/non-credit courses may be eligible for a refund if the course is dropped. Please request refund policy at the time of registration.​​​​

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