Testing & Placement Criteria

Spoon River College has established testing and placement criteria to assess reading level, math proficiency, and writing skills. This is done to ensure students are placed in courses where they can reach their potential and achieve their educational goals. All students must take either the Accuplacer test or have evidence of official ACT or SAT scores. New students should take the Accuplacer test after admission and before registration. Transfer students who have evidence of successful completion of reading, writing, or math courses at another institution may be exempt upon transcript verification.​

For more information about the Accuplacer test, please review the Accuplacer Student Guide.

Taking the Accuplacer Test

Testing is done on a walk-in basis from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. in the Student Services Department at the Spoon River College Canton and Macomb campuses. Please call the Havana and Rushville sites to set up an appointment time during their regular office hours at the numbers listed below. Remember to bring a photo ID to test.

  • Canton: (309)649-6400
  • Macomb: (309)833-6069
  • Rushville: (217)322-6060
  • Havana: (309)543-4413

Spoon River College Course Placement Using Accuplacer Scores

​Subject Area​Accuplacer ​ACT ​SAT (prior to 3/2016)

​SAT (after 3/2016)

​Course Placement
​Elementary Algebra​20-35​MAT012 or Arithmetic Test
​80-99​MAT061 or College Math Test
​100-120​19+ (Math)​480+ (Math)​480+ (Math)​MAT102, MAT125, MAT132 or College Math Test
​College Math​20-59​Elementary Algebra Placement Results
​60-79​19+ (Math)​480+ (Math)​480+ (Math)​College Level Ready-MAT102, MAT125, MAT132
​80-99​College Level Ready-MAT102, MAT125, MAT132, MAT126, MAT133
​100-120​College Level Ready-MAT102, MAT125, MAT132, MAT126, MAT133, MAT151
​READING​20-42​SDRT required to determine reading level
​43-89​RDG099;SDRT optional
​90+​19+ (Reading)​380+ (Reading)​21+ (Reading)​College Level Ready
​Sentence Skills29-64​​ENG090
​65-89​ENG099/ENG101 Combo or ENG091
​90-120​19+ (English)​450+ (English)​26+ (English)​College Level Ready
​4 or below​ENG090
​5​ENG099/ENG101 Combo or ENG091
​6-8​N/A​N/A​N/A​College Level Ready

Placement Testing Accommodations

Students with a documented disability may be eligible to receive accommodations on the Accuplacer test. If a student believes he/she is in need of accommodations for placement testing, he/she needs to provide current documentation of their disability prior to their testing date. Documentation requirements may be obtained by visiting the disAbility Support Services website (http://www.src.edu/services/Pages/disability.aspx​), or by contacting the disAbility Services advisor at (309)649-6305.

Students placing into two or more developmental courses are required to enroll in College and Career Success (LA 103). This course provides tools for transition into college instruction for learning strategies, goal attainment, and success in college.

Accuplacer Retest Policy

If you feel your placement does not accurately reflect your ability, you may retest one time in that subject area. There will be a $5.00 fee assessed for each portion of the Accuplacer that is retested. You will not be charged the retest fee if you have completed a course since your initial testing date in the subject area you wish to retest in.

Request to Have Accuplacer Score Sent to Another School

    If you wish to have your Accuplacer scores sent to another college, please fill out the Accuplacer Score Release Form and return it either:
  • in person to the Student Services Department on the Canton campus,
  • fax it to (309)649-6393,

Spoon River College Proficiency Exams

    Proficiency exams are available for some occupational and transfer courses
  • A proficiency exam application form, available in Student Services, must be submitted to the Dean of Student Services to obtain approval for the exam.
  • An applicant must be a SRC student and a high school graduate or hold a GED certificate. Students are not permitted to repeat unsuccessful attempts on exams within a period of one calendar year.
  • Credit by examination will not be permitted for a course where the student has enrolled in the course and remains in the course past the add/drop dates for that course, or has taken or is currently enrolled in a higher-level course.
CourseCourse NameCredit Hour
HS 101First Aid2
GT 150Applied Mathematics3
CSC101Intro to Computers3
MAT012Developmental Math4
MAT016Beginning Algebra4
MAT061Intermediate Algebra4
MAT125College Algebra3
MAT126Plane Trigonometry3

Proctoring Services

    Spoon River College offers exam proctoring services at all campus sites, including our Outreach Centers, for students taking courses at other institutions.
  • Please contact these office numbers for specific site testing procedures:
    • Canton: (309)649-6400
    • Canton Community Outreach: (309)649-6260
    • Havana: (309)543-6300
    • Macomb: (309)833-6010
    • Macomb Outreach Center: (309)833-6031
    • Rushville: (217)322-6060
  • Appointments can be made once SRC has received the exam.
  • A photo ID will be required before the exam will be administered.
  • A $20.00 fee is required at the time of testing.
  • All of the testing institution directions will be followed.

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Accuplacer Test Preparation Resources

The best way to prepare for the Accuplacer is to review sample questions at the following website:

https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/students or download the app at: https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/accuplacer/accuplacer-study-app-flyer.pdf?ep_ch=PR&ep_mid=11282515&ep_rid=270945767.

Other Assessment Tests

  • Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEASV): All first-year nursing students will be required to take the TEASV test prior to entry into the nursing program. Skills tested include: math, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and test-taking. The scores from this test will be used in the rating scale for admission and also may determine a need for the student to take other remedial courses. A fee is charged for this test. For additional information and testing dates visit the Nursing Program​.
  • NLN-ACE Mobility Test: This test is given prior to admissions to the Associate Degree Nursing program in the second year. A fee is charged for this test. Applications for the program and a list of dates for testing are available. Students must make an appointment to take this test. For additional information and testing dates visit the Nursing Program​.
  • Career Planning: A variety of written and computerized career assessments are available to any in-district resident. SRC also has several online career inventories for which students can request passwords to that will work on any computer.
  • Advanced Placement Program: This program and associated tests are offered only in high schools. Students who have participated in the AP program may be eligible to receive credit and advanced placement at SRC on the basis of subject area examinations.
  • The American College Test (ACT): Spoon River College is a designated ACT testing site. The ACT is given six times during the year. A student may sign up online to take the test. Information is available in Student Services.
    Register online at actstudent.org. Contact your high school counselor's office for additional information.​​