Registration Info

The Spoon River College (SRC) portal, My SRC, provides students access to personal information based on their association with SRC and is accessible by clicking on the Student Faculty and Staff Portal link at the top or directly from

  • After logging in, click on the MySRC (JICS) box.
  • To access online registration, click on Add/Drop Courses.
  • To register or drop courses, use the drop down to select the correct term.
  • Every semester students will be required to review the information regarding their intentions for the semester(s) that they are planning on registering for. Click the Complete the Personal Info Update form link. Verify the selected required values are still correct; then select the term you are registering for. Press the Submit button.

You can now search or add a course​​.​ For full picture instructions view our Online Registration handout on the My SRC "Help​" tab​.​​​

If you're new to Spoon River College, help is available virtually and in-person. Contact an SRC advisor by emailing or calling 1-800-degrees. We can’t wait to meet you!