Social Work

AA/AS Degree - Concentration in Social Work

This curriculum is designed for students interested in transferring to a four-year institution in degree programs such as social work, counseling, human services and education.  This program is part of the Education & Training Career Cluster.

The Listed sequence of courses provides guidance for students so that they can complete this program of study in the most efficient manner.  This sequence assumes that students have met college academic placement and/or other program requirements.  Students are strongly urged to contact a college advisor for assistance in developing their plan for enrolling in courses to meet the program of study.


For information about the Concentration in Social Work, contact an advisor at
(309) 647-4645


Transfer Agreements:

2+2 Agreement for Bachelor of Social Work with WIU

Social Work: 64 Credit Hours
Fall Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
​Composition I
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Philosophy

​Suggested Elective​3
Spring Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
Composition II3
BIO105Principles of Biology I4
General Psychology3
 REL101World Religions3

​Suggested Elective​3

Fall Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
​SOC105​Introduction to Social Work​3
POL180American Government3
​Physical Science​3

​Fine Arts Elective​3

​Mathematics or Science Elective​3
​Suggested Elective​3

Spring Semester Courses Credit Hrs.

Social/Behavioral Science Elective3
​COM103​Speech Communication​3

​Health Science
Suggested Elective
​Suggested Elective​3
Suggested Elective Courses
​PSY236​Human Growth and Development
​PSY239​Psych. Personality/Adjustment
​PSY240​Social Psychology
​PSY246​Abnormal Psychology
​SOC110​Contemporary Social Problems
​SOC160​Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
​SOC215​Racial and Ethnic Relations
​Sociology of Sex and Gender