Medical Laboratory Technician

The need for qualified healthcare workers continues to rise to meet the ever increasing needs of the healthcare industry, and the current demand for Medical Laboratory Technicians surpasses the number of trained technicians available.  A Medical Laboratory Technician is a healthcare professional who performs diagnostic analyses on blood and other body fluid specimens. 

Certificates and Degrees

Associate in Applied Science Degree plan

Program/Certificate Requirements:  All courses for the degree must be passed with a final grade of "C" or better in order to graduate from the Medical Laboratory Technician program and/or certificates.  

Nature of Work

Graduates of the Medical Laboratory Technician program will be trained to work in medical laboratory, use laboratory equipment, prepare and analyze various specimens and identify abnormalities in samples such as malignancies, infections or genetic abnormalities.

Admission Criteria

Admission requirements for the Medical Laboratory Technician program includes the following:

  1. Graduation from high school or equivalent.
  2. An overall 2.5 GPA or higher before MLT coursework begins.
  3. Schedule an interview with the Program Director.
  4. A complete healthcare worker background screening, drug screening and additional health policy requirements including a physical exam and immunizations is required after acceptance into the program, and before the established deadline.
  5. Attend the mandatory MLT New Student Orientation session held before coursework begins.

Resources for Students

Employment Opportunities

Medical Laboratory Technicians work in:
-Diagnostic Laboratories
-Physician Offices and Medical Clinics


Anna Weisbruch
Program Director/Adjunct Faculty

Kaitlyn Carpentier
Adjunct Faculty

Glenda Forneris
MLT Program Consultant  

Melissa Miller
Allied Health Coordinator
Spoon River College
(309) 649-6302

For information about any of our Healthcare Career Programs, contact our Allied Health Coordinator or an advisor at (309) 647-4645.

Professional Licensure Disclosure

Medical Laboratory Technician, Associate in Applied Science Degree

Course CodeFall Semester ​Credit Hours
MAT 125​​College Algebra​3
​CHE 170​College Chemistry I​5
​MLT 130​Urinalysis & Immunology (hybrid)​4
​MLT 120​Medical Laboratory Skills​4
​Total - 16
Spring Semester
​CHE 180​College Chemistry II5​
​BIO 105​Principles of Biology​4
​MLT 150​Blood Bank (hybrid)​4
MLT 140​Hematology & ​Coagulation (hybrid)​4
​Total - 17
Summer Semester
​BIO 206​Principles of Microbiology​4
​Total - 4
Fall Semester
​ENG 101​Composition I​3
​MLT 220​Clinical Microbiology (hybrid)​4
​MLT 230​Clinical Chemistry (hybrid)​4
​MLT 240​MLT Clinical Internship I​4
​Total - 15
Spring Semester
​PSY 130​General Psychology​3
​COM 103​Speech Communication​3
​MLT 250​MLT Clinical Internship II​4
​MLT 280​MLT Review and Assessment (Online)​2
Total - 12​

Total Credit Hours - 64