Advanced Manufacturing

The Advanced Manufacturing Program offers education and training in the ever-changing field of manufacturing and industrial maintenance.  The Spoon River College program takes pride in the fact that students are trained in the skills necessary to work successfully in our area's workforce.

Certificates and Degrees

Nature of Work

Buinesses rely on people specialized in the manufacturing of goods from the design phase through development and production.  People working in the manufacturing sector are expected to be strong communicators, critical thinkers, dependable, and able to pay special attention to detail in the manufacturing and maintenance processes. This program is part of the Manufacturing Career Cluster.


For information about the Advanced Manufacturing program, contact an advisor at (309) 647-4645.


Advanced Manufacturing - AAS Degree - 61 Credit Hours
Fall Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
ENG 101Composition I3
​GT 103
​Engineering Graphics
WEL 100Introduction to Welding2
WEL 102
MIG Welding
​HS 101​First Aid​2
​Social Science or Humanities/Fine Arts Elective​3
Spring Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
MFG 101Intro to Manufacturing and Safety3
​MFG 102
​Quality and Measurement
MFG 103Manufacturing Processes and Production3
MFG 104
Manufacturing Maintenance
​Math Elective (GT 150 or higher)​3
​CSC 101​Computer Applications for Business​3
Fall Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
MFG 105
Blueprint and Reading for Manufacturing
MFG 202Fund. of CNC Machining and Programming3
MFG 204
Machine Tooling Processes

​General Education Elective
GT 162 
Communication Skills OR3
​Com 103​Speech Communication
Spring Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
 Semester 4 - First Eight Weeks

 MFG 205
Industrial Equipment Maintenance
 MFG 206
Electricity and Electronics
 MFG 207
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
​Semester 4 - Second Eight Weeks
​MFG 210​Advanced Manufacturing Internship​4


Certified Production Technician Certificate - 11 Credit Hours
                     Credit Hrs.
MFG 101Intro to Manufacturing and Safety3
MFG 102Quality and Measurement3
MFG 103Manufacturing Processes and Production3
​MFG 104​Manufacturing Maintenance​2


Industrial Maintenance Certificate - 22 Credit Hours
Required Courses Credit Hrs.
MFG 105Blueprint Reading for Manufacturing3
​MFG 202​Fund. of CNC Machining and Programming​3
​MFG 204​Machine Tooling Processes​3
​MFG 205​Industrial Equipment Maintenance​3
​MFG 206​Basic Electricity and Electronics​3
​MFG 207​Hydraulics and Pneumatics​3
​MFG 210​Advanced Manufacturing Internship​4