Distinguished Full- and Part-Time Faculty Awards

Spoon River College will honor current full- and part-time faculty members who have distinguished​ themselves as members of the teaching profession at Spoon River College. Nominations will be used to select a full-time faculty recipient for the H. Truman Standard and ICCTA Outstanding Faculty Awards, as well as a part-time faculty recipient for the ICCTA Outstanding Faculty Award. A college staff member, current or former student, or citizen of the college district may submit nominations.

Nominations are limited to current 2017-2018 full-time and part-time faculty members of Spoon River College. All nominations must be received no later than February 23, 2018.

*Please note that the H. Truman Standard Award cannot be issued to the same faculty member more than once in a seven-year period. Faculty members denoted with an asterisk have received the H. Truman Standard Award within the past seven years and are not eligible to receive this award. However, these faculty members may still be nominated and considered for the ICCTA award.

​Full-Time Faculty Eligible for the H. Truman Standard Award

Jeff Bash
Kristy Boggs
Joe Clemens
Angie Conklin
Mark Coulter
Penny Cozart
Brian Dalpiaz
Sarah Dalpiaz*

Win Htwe
Andrew Kirk *
Becky Leverette
Bridget Loftus
Elaine Lucas
Michael Maher*
Aaron Mayall
Doug Okey

Penny Pollock
Amy Rutledge
Tamatha Schleich
Jim Sheff
Rebecca Sherwood
Donna Smith
Scott Snowman
Tracy Snowman

Jason Strandberg
Barb Strauch​
Shelli Stuart*
Todd Thompson*
Beth VanTine*
Rebecca Werland
Krista Winters
Robert ​​​Zellmann

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