Tobacco & Vapor-Free Campus

TobaccoFree-afterJuly1-forwebsite.jpgPursuant to the Smoke-Free Campus Act (Public Act 098-0985), which prohibits smoking on property owned or operated by a State-supported institution of higher education, Spoon River College is a tobacco and vapor-free campus.

“We are happy to comply with this. This benefits our students, employees, and guests of the College, plus it’s good for the environment,” said SRC President Curt Oldfield.

The policy applies to all Spoon River College property, including buildings, grounds, parking lots and vehicles, and to all individuals on College property. Smoking, use of tobacco, and vaping is only allowed in personal vehicles parked on or traveling through SRC property. Doors, windows/vent windows, and convertible top of the vehicle must remain closed during use of tobacco or vaping.

Smoking cessation materials are available both online and locally at the following sources:
Centers for Disease Control - How to Quit Smoking
Getting Help to Quit Smoking
Re-Learn Life without Cigarettes
Addiction Center
Information about the Dangers of Vaporizing
Fulton County Health Department
Graham Hospital
Spoon River Counseling and Wellness​​​