College Theme

The purpose of the college theme is to highlight the similarities and uniqueness of academic disciplines and career fields so that our students may better understand and appreciate the importance and value of general education coursework. Instead of seeing different academic disciplines/career & technical programs as disconnected or competing with one another, the college theme encourages students to see the overlap in academic disciplines and appreciate the contributions that various fields make. The way faculty members apply the theme in their courses is entirely up to them, but the general use of the theme acts as a bridge between academic disciplines and career fields. The college theme reinforces the importance of a comprehensive understanding of issues and encourages students to carefully consider the various arguments and evidence from different areas.

Flyer: 2022-23 College Theme Presentations - Curiosity: inquiring minds want to learn, with presentation dates

Who can? We can!

Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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When am I ever going to use this - College Theme 19-20


2013-2014 culture of competition

16-17 what the education is worth

15-16 whats the point

14-15 pursuit of health wellness

2013-2014 culture of competition

2012-2013 rights and responsibility

2011-2012 aqua culture

2010-2011 the democratization of information

​  ​2010-2011